Publish an E-Book

In this age of the Internet, newsletters and ezines are not the only ways to publish a book without having to resort to big name publishers. Self-publishing authors publish their books in electronic form known as e-book, as an alternative.An e-book, short for electronic book, is an electronic edition of a conventional printed book which can be read [...]

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Top 10 Tips to Plan and Publish Your Next Book

Writing a best-selling book is a noble goal, and there are thousands of tips that can make this job a lot easier. Every book author can tell you his or her own tips to [...]

How to Write a Book for Your Small Business and Publish It On Your Website

A book - whether in PDF format, published online, self-published, or published by a traditional publishing company is one of the best conversion tools you can have on [...]

Smart Design Choices for Self-Published Books

If you are an author who is self-publishing, you definitely do not want your book to look self-published! Poorly designed self-published books can convey a lack of [...]

My E-Book Writing and Publishing Experience

I wrote and published my first ebook. The experience was both educational and rewarding. Educational because I learned quite a bit about the process and rewarding [...]

How To Write A Book And Publish It For Next To Nothing

Printing your book can cost anywhere from $3.00 per copy to $10.00 per copy and up. It can get expensive! Consider offering your book to the book buying public as an [...]

How to Self Publish Every Book You Write for Free

It's every writer's dream to be a published author; to sit and write books and have them published and selling all over the world. How great would it be to be able to [...]

Common Advertising Myths

It is important for many businesses to advertise their services and products at all times. Ensuring that the public remains aware of their existence and when they are [...]

New Advertising for Local Business Owners

If you run a business, you already know that advertising is key to getting the word out about your company. As a local business, there are many advertising mediums that [...]

Online Advertising – The Ideal Marketing Tool

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Simple Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Books

Publishing a book is foremost the most inspiring achievement a writer can accomplish. There is not just revenue involved with it, but prestige, expertise, experience [...]